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Teenagers: Embracing Your Identity and Purpose in Christ

As you navigate through the whirlwind of adolescence, filled with uncertainties, dreams, and aspirations, it’s crucial to anchor yourself in something solid, something timeless. In this season of your life, I want to remind you of the incredible opportunity you have to discover your identity and purpose in Christ. You may be thinking, "Why now? I’m just a teenager." But let me assure you, there’s no better time than now to embark on this journey of self-discovery and purpose. The Bible is filled with wisdom and guidance that speaks directly to you, regardless of your age. In Jeremiah 29:11, God declares, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." This verse reminds us that God has a purpose for each one of us, even from our youth. You are not too young to start uncovering that purpose and walking in it. Proverbs 3:5-6 urges us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on
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Respect the teenagers and listen to their ideas. In doing this, you are building up their self esteem. Invest in the teenagers and you will be able to preserve your legacy. The safety of the future lies in the maturity and safety of the teenagers. Pay attention to the moods of the teenagers for their silence speaks a million words. Correct the teenagers but don't condemn. Rebuke teenagers but stop rejecting them. Never you amplify their mistakes above their safety. Always remember, we all make mistakes that is not intentional. In the same light, pay attention to the struggles behind a teenagers mistakes. Being an adult does not imply being domineering, and manipulative. Some times, give the teenagers a chance to explore their own ideas. Lying to a teenager will make the teenager to lie to you some day. They always do what they see you do. He is not just a teenager; there is a father, leader and husband trapped in the heart of that teenager. Lay good examples for Him. Don't just

Stay Healthy In Friendship

Three things that will always poison your friendship or relationship with the people around you are the following: - Presumption. - Assumption. - Suspicious. The only way to defeat these deadly enemies is you asking question. Don't make any decision when you don't have a full detail and understanding. Don't fix your believe about any one base on what some one else told you about this person. Get close to people and have your own personal discovery of who this person. PEOPLE WHO GOSSIP TO YOU ABOUT ANY ONE WILL ALSO GOSSIP YOU TO ANOTHER PERSON.  Don't be a victim and ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Even if you discover a fault in your friends life....pray for them. Be patient with your friend the same way your parents or some one else is being patient with some of your misbehave. You are a teenager with purpose.  Allow the Word of God to set the pace for every of your choice and decision. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you.

You Are Not Too Young

Always remember that Jesus loves you and be committed to studying your bible. You will only rise according the measure of the knowledge of God you have within you. Don't allow ignorance to trap you. Be more hungry to understudy Gods plan for your life. You are not too young to know Gods counsel for your life. Don't look down on what God has kept in your life. You are more than what you think of your self and you are more than what the social media are trying to define you to be. You are a billion more than this and learn to see your self through the eyes of God unfailing love for your life. Irrespective of your present trouble or rest assured that God is with you and he will pull you out of any situation bothering you. Keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your Faith in Christ Jesus. This is your day!!!  Be encouraged!!! HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you. #Prince_Victor_Matthew

You Are Still A Teenager

As teenagers, don't be carried away by your access to information and technology. Always remember your age group. Ladies, the fact that brothers that are of the same age with your elder brother or even father are chasing you for relationship or sex...does not mean you forget that you are still a teenager. The fact that you sit in front of cars your elder sisters haven't sat in does not mean you forget you are still a teenagers. The fact that you have been taken to expensive guest inn of hotels or night clubs where a guy spent #20, 000 on you at once....does not forget that you are a teenager. Having a lot of sexual experiences does not mean you forget that you are still a teenager. Don't cross your boundaries in your reasoning and actions. Always remember that you are teenager and act according to your age group. You are still a teenager....don't rush out of this stage before you become a youth. Let the wisdom of Christ guild you. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in

Be Humble and Learn

Every teenager is blessed in a certain way with the ability to notice faults and mistakes in elder or people that leads them. Don't make the mistake to think...that the fault you have seen in this person has disqualified this person from being a blessing to your life. Every destiny helper has flaws. Every mentor has flaws. People that will help you to become who God has destined you to become have flaws. Let their flaws inspire you to train your self so you won't repeat their flaws or mistake....pray for the flaws of the people that guild and lead you.....yet be more sensitive to learn from this person as you check mate all you learn from them with the lifestyle and teaching of Jesus. Don't let the flaws you see, stop you from learning from the people God has set over you. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you

Embrace Greeting Attitude

I need you to understand that worship involves your greeting attitude to the people around you; either young or old. Don't let your beauty and being handsome to put pride into your heart. Whatsoever you have become, you are not the first. Many have attained what you have now. Your peak of success or whatsoever you are proud of now is the starting point of another person. So be humble. I encourage you guild your heart with God's words. As teenagers, a lot of things are fighting for your attention but allow the Word of God to lead you. I love you more, and I am proud of you. Be encouraged!  #HopeExpression #PrinceVictorMatthew #TeenagerWithPurpose